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When it comes to women’s outerwear, finding a coat that fits right can be a challenge. With so many options and styles available, it can be difficult to find one that keeps you warm and comfortable but also fits your personal aesthetic.

Whether you are looking for a classic winter coat, a fashionable puffer jacket, or something in between, the right fit is crucial for making the most out of your outerwear collection. A good coat can help make a powerful fashion statement that elevates your entire outfit.

To help simplify your search, we have put together a few tips to help you find the perfect coat. From understanding your body type to considering the weight of the fabric, these tips will ensure that you find a coat that ticks all your boxes.

Tip 1: Think about proportions 

One of the most important things to consider is your silhouette, as the length of a coat can impact the overall appearance of an outfit. Long coats tend to elongate the body and create a sleek look. If you are tall, this is an excellent choice as it helps balance out your proportions.

Short coats, on the other hand, tend to add volume and create a more playful, fashion-forward look. If you are on the petite side you might want to opt for this, as it will help elongate your legs and gives the illusion of a taller frame.

Our Two-Tone reversible faux shearling coat is an excellent choice when considering proportions as it provides versatility with its two-tone design, creating a bold statement and flattering silhouette for any body type.

Know your body type

Knowing your body type is a key step in finding clothing that flatters your figure and enhances your personal style. With this knowledge, you will be able to find clothing that accentuates your best features. Let us dive into each body type a little deeper to see what works best for you.

If you have an apple or inverted triangle shape, you have a fuller bust and slimmer legs. A belted or cinched waist coat will suit your figure best as it helps balance your proportions.

Hourglass figures possess a narrow waist, with an upper and lower body that are equally proportioned. To accentuate your curves, opt for a fitted or belted coat that flatters your balanced figure.

For those with a pear shape, you have wider hips in comparison to your bust. To draw attention to your upper half, try coats with details such as ruched sleeves, collar detailing, or asymmetrical closures. Avoid boxy coats and opt for styles that hug your waist and flatter your curves.

Lastly, straight body types can add shape and volume to their silhouette by opting for an A-line or flared-bottom coat, one with added detailing such as ruched or pleated elements for extra style points. The most important thing in finding outwear is to search for one that makes you feel the most confident.

Tip 2: Fabric weight matters
The weight of the fabric you choose can also greatly affect the fit of your coat. Do not settle for sacrificing style for warmth or vice versa – with the right coat, you can have the best of both worlds.

Enter the leather biker jacket, a runway favourite that’s always on-trend. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also adds a cool, edgy vibe to any outfit. Don a sleek all black look or play around with vibrant colours, you truly cannot misstep with this timeless classic.

Why settle for just warmth when you can have both a fun and statement piece that provides that extra layer of snugness? Blending textures is a sure way to achieve this balance. Our reversible leather coat, featuring a plush shearling design on the inside, is not only satisfyingly soft, but also a luxurious way to beat the cold. With two unique looks in one, it combines cosiness and versatile dark hues to make it a staple in your winter wardrobe season after season. Its timeless appeal transcends trends and can effortlessly elevate any outfit.

Just because a coat is heavier does not mean it has to overpower your figure. You can still look your absolute best and stay cosy.

Tip 3: It’s all in the details 

While the fit is important, do not overlook the smaller details and accessories that can elevate your look. Features like hoods, pockets, and lapels add both style and practicality creating classic pieces that you can wear for multiple seasons. Think about the type of details you want, whether it is a classic look with buttons or a trendy touch with unique lapels. A staple like the reversible coat with hood is a practical style that that proves you do not have to compromise on either fashion or function.

Tip 4: Think of what is already in your closet

To tie it all together, when selecting a coat, it is important to think about how easily it will coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. Neutral colours, like black, beige, and grey, are always a safe option as they never go out of style. Additionally, you can opt for a style that can be easily dressed up or down and paired with various outfits. A perfect example of this is the Women’s mid length reversible faux shearling coat. Its neutral colours make it a smart choice for easy coordination with other items in your closet.

Finding the perfect coat fit is a key part of building a versatile winter wardrobe. By understanding your body type, considering the weight of the fabric, paying attention to details, and matching your coat to your existing wardrobe, you will be sure to find a coat that not only keeps you warm, but also enhances your fashion game. Start browsing and find your new staple today!

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