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Someone famously wrote, “A mini break means true love” – but that does not always ring true when it comes to packing for one. How many outfits will we need? Accessories? Electricals? Underwear? All these are the questions that plague us once the time draws near – but panic not! We have broken your packing agenda down into some short, easy-to-follow steps.

1. Day and nights

By counting the days and nights you are away for, you will be able to form the basis of your suitcase contents. This will give an indication of how many undies to pack and how many outfit changes you will need. For a long weekend break – we would say no more than 2 full outfit changes to keep your packing light! Make sure to choose outerwear wisely – for a short break you should not need more than one coat, so be sure to pick a jacket which is versatile enough to suit wherever you are travelling and whatever activities you have planned.

When it comes to footwear, try to choose one pair of shoes that will see you through your entire trip – they should be comfortable, durable, and neutral enough to go with all of the outfit combinations you have packed. We would advise against planning to wear new shoes all weekend – blisters may be small, but they can certainly pack a punch!

2. Layering is love

Have you ever stopped to think about how many pieces you have in your usual outfit rotation? When packing, think about which of these pieces can be mixed and matched to form a new outfit which could serve a different function that the other in your suitcase. Think of key pieces which would layer well together (for example, a light knit sweater or cardigan to combine with a simple T-shirt), and are able to transform from day to night. This goes for accessories too!

3. Mystifying miscellany

Now you have your outfits sorted, it is time to pack the rest. There is a lot to choose from – but let’s try to keep it simple, ask yourself ‘What do I use every day?’. The top items on our list – phone charger, essential toiletries, passport/travelcard and a good book.

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How to pack for a short city break. Tips and tricks from REPEAT.