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Cool on the skin and soft to the touch, silk is a material that has enjoyed a respected history amongst fashionistas as a luxe, light and alluring fabric. Originating from the cocoon of the silkworm, this delicate material must be cared for with respect, with a little more attention given to its care in order to preserve its upkeep.

Creating a classy and elegant angle on any summer look, we have assembled our top tips for caring for this delicate fabric, allowing you to enjoy your silk REPEAT garments for years to come!

Washing & ironing

Before washing your silk garment, remember to check the label to see the recommended method of cleaning. Most silk garments can be hand washed, even if the tag advises dry cleaning, as long as you remember to use cold to lukewarm water and a mild detergent, like our silk shampoo.

Let the silk garment soak in for 3-5 minutes and rinse the garment thoroughly. It is very important that you do not stretch your silk garment whilst soaking. So now your silk has been washed, you should avoid wringing out the material at all costs. With the aid of a thick hand towel and a gentle application of pressure, carefully remove the excess liquid from the silk. This is also the moment when you ought to iron it, since silk is best ironed when damp. Turn your garment inside out to protect your silk and make sure your iron is on the lowest setting possible. If the iron is too hot, the fibers become fragile or may even burn.

Alternatively, head to your local dry cleaner and leave it in their expert hands!

General Care

Remember to keep silk georgette garments away from direct sunlight, as this can fade the brilliant colors that the fabric was previously infused with. If you have packed your silk and need to remove the wrinkles, simply hang your silk garment from a hanger in your bathroom – the hot moisture from your shower practically smoothest the material out by itself! If the wrinkles are more stubborn, dampen the material by wrapping it in a wet towel – this allows the humidity to penetrate evenly into the silk fibers.

Here’s to looking fabulous in silk this summer!