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Static electricity is a phenomenon which occurs naturally when dry air and friction create an electrical charge in clothing. Clothes can crack when putting them on or you get a small shock when touching someone. Even more unpleasant is static cling when clothes stick to the skin due to static electricity.

Static electricity builds up more easily when the humidity is low, it exists year-round but is more common during the winter. Natural fibers like silk, wool and cashmere are more likely to cause static charge. The buildup of static charge in cashmere fibers is 2-40 higher than other yarns like cotton or linen. Synthetic fibers are also more prone to static electricity.

5 Easy solutions to prevent static electricity in clothing


1) Use a metal hanger or a safety pin
Metal has the property to prevent static electricity from conducting. Run a metal hanger through the inside of your garment before putting it on. You can also attach a safety in into the seam or pocket of your clothing piece. A carefree and invisible solution to prevent static cling!

2) Use an anti-static spray
A quick and easy solution to get rid of static clothing is to spray it with an anti-static spray. The de-ionized water will make the clothing slightly damp removing the electrical charge. We recommend using the REPEAT anti-static spray for your clothing. Spray evenly at 20cm, on clothes, wool and synthetic fabrics and let the garment dry for 20 minutes. A small amount will suffice. REPEAT offers the static spray on-line, in stores and on Nuorder (art. 710100).

3) Air-dry (cashmere) clothing
The motion of a tumble dryer causes fabrics to rub against each other making your clothes static. Synthetic fibers are more prone to static electricity, tumble dry them separately to reduce the static cling. If possible, air-dry your clothes. At REPEAT we always recommend to flat air-dry cashmere pieces.

4) Apply moisturizer to your skin
Ever experienced (silk) garments clinging to the skin due to static electricity? When a fabric is rubbed with dry skin it is more prone to static electricity. Moisturizing your skin with body lotion before putting clothes on will prevent static cling. A handy tip which is soft for the skin!

5) Boost the humidity in your home
When the air is humid, water molecules will collect on the surface of clothing and prevent the buildup of electrical charge. Adding a humidifier or plants in your home will increase humidity and reduce static electricity.