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Out with the old, in with the new! Even if you don’t consider yourself a budding fashionista, sometimes rebuilding your wardrobe for a new season is a necessary process. Most often, your wardrobe will evolve naturally as your life changes. Clothes don’t last forever, and replacing old pieces often opens an opportunity to update your look.

Replacing old pieces with new potential favorites keeps your style from becoming dated and stale. It’s also the basis of developing your own unique a sense of style. If your closet is immune to evolving naturally, or you have a knack for clinging to things long after they’ve expired, then REPEAT is here to help you discover your new season potential.


Edit your closet

It’s time to let go of those unworn, unloved items that are taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn it in six months, then it’s time to rethink. Do you need it? Does it have sentimental significance? Does it fit you? These are a few key questions to ask yourself when sifting through your rail. Create piles of clothes to keep, throw away and rehouse.


Build on your classics

Build your core closet around classics with simple lines, basic shapes and neutral colors that you like to wear. Having a light colour, a dark colour and bright colour will increase your mix and match possibilities and remember to choose shades that suit your complexion and body type. You can always add accent colors at a later date. We recommend basic tees, denim jeans, a blazer and classic cashmere sweater to start you off.


Invest in a few seasonal trends

Whilst the majority of your wardrobe should reflect quality and classic pieces, investing in a few key on-trend garments will allow you to keep your style up to date and current.


Match your lifestyle

Keep in mind the lifestyle that you lead as this should be reflected in your wardrobe. Think about the events that you attend, your role in the workplace and the formality of your day to day life. This will help you build on appropriate outfits and hopefully rid you of those “I have nothing to wear” moments.